Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Does Weight Training Make Women Bulky ?

Most women out there don't like weight training or choose not to get involved in weight training for the fear of getting bulky. Is this true? I am here to tell you that it is not true. Women are influenced a lot by the media and seeing these huge body's on women in some of the fitness magazines and bodybuilding shows has created a fear of getting big and bulky. I want to put this myth to rest once and for all.

Nobody has ever woke up one morning and realized that they are too big or too bulky, that just does not happen. You are always in total control or your body and the changes that occur or the changes that you induce on your body. Muscle growth is a long, hard process and to get as big as some of the women you see in the fitness magazines and body building shows takes years of hard training and lots of drugs like the male hormone testosterone, this is the reason for some of these women having such masculine features.

There are fitness and physique models out there who train just as hard with weights and they have sexy lean bodies which men drool over and some women dream of. These women obviously have a different goal in mind, they are not bodybuilders and don't need the drugs to build enormous muscle. Weight training has huge benefits and should be a part of every woman's fitness or weight loss program.

Weight training builds strong healthy muscles which lots of women lack, having strong healthy muscles puts less stress on joints and bones thus reducing the risk of joint injury and bone disease (osteoporosis) which is very common amongst older women and very painful. Having strong healthy muscles also boosts your metabolism. Muscle is your body's metabolic furnace, it uses energy has fuel all day long even while you sleeping and this promotes fat loss.

Women are too focused on weight loss and not fat loss that they would even sacrifice muscle just to see the scale drop a few pounds. Although scale weight is important, I think physical appearance says a whole lot more. You are bound to sacrifice muscle in any weight loss program that does not include weight training and as we now know the lack of muscle can be detrimental to your metabolism and health.

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