Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Bodybuilding, Build Muscle Faster Than Ever Before With A Single Exercise :

Bodybuilding, Build Muscle Faster Than Ever Before With A Single Exercise
What would you say if I told you that there was one bodybuilding exercise you could do that would dramatically transform your body? What if I told you that if you were really motive to start seeing some muscle growth, all you'd really need was about one hour a week? What if I told you that at least 50% of those who are currently trying to gain muscle are currently missing out on this one single exercise?

How many guys who are interested in bodybuilding do you know who go into the gym and do a super intense chest workout, thinking this will really get them looking good. These are the same guys who probably also dedicate at least a session or two in the gym each week to training their 'guns'. Big biceps are another common request that those after the goal of muscle building have.

Unfortunately, they're forgetting about one very critical movement - squats. And I don't just mean any squats, we're talking heavy, bum to the floor, squats. If you do these, you'll grow. It's really that simple. Here's why.

A Better Foundation

The second reason why you must include squats in your program is because it helps to build a very strong foundation to your body. If you're legs are weak, this may affect your ability to perform other exercises correctly with an optimal weight designed to promote high levels of muscle growth.

Weak legs set you up for an injury and if there is one thing that's going to put a complete halt to your muscle growth, an injury is it. You can't grow when you can't train.

Squats Get The Metabolism Growing

Finally, the last reason you need to be sure you're including this critical movement in your bodybuilding program is because it's going to ramp that metabolic rate up, thus further increasing the amount of tissue synthesis that's going on. While having a higher metabolism does mean you'll need to consume more food, it also means you're body is repairing and rebuilding new muscle (assuming ample calories are provided) at an elevated rate.

When working out, why not choose exercises that get that metabolism the highest? It wouldn't make sense to miss out on this.

So, if you are primarily an upper body focused trainer (or perform one to two sets of leg workout per week, with heavy, FULL squats not being part of the picture) it is really time you re-evaluate this.

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