Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Fun Ideas For A First Date With A Muscular Woman, Hard Body Girl, Or Female Bodybuilder :

Fun Ideas For A First Date With A Muscular Woman, Hard Body Girl, Or Female Bodybuilder
If you are attracted to an athletic, muscular woman and want to take her out for a first date, what should you do? Are you going to be boring and do the traditional "dinner and a movie", meet for coffee, or spend lots of money at the restaurant where you risk the waiter interrupting a funny story either of you are telling? Here are some success stories of first dates men have had when they go out on a first date with a female bodybuilder or other hard body girl:

1) Cheat Meal Challenge: If neither of you have to be super strict on your eating, you could talk to her on the phone and tease her that she doesn't know how to have the best "cheat meal." If she likes you and decides to play along, invite her to a place where you can mix-and-match some less-than-optimal nutrition! Consider a Cheat Meal Challenge at a local ice cream shop, one of those make-your-own burrito places, or some other place where you playfully challenge each other to come up with the best dessert you can create. The winner gets a bite of the other's creation!

2) Athletic Challenge: challenge each other to a physical activity which both you cannot perform well. Tennis, horseshoes, mini-golf, or other relaxed events are fun activities and they get both of you up and moving. You can find out a lot about each other, and you even can make a bet that the winner gets a "post competition" drink bought by the other. Yes, the drink can be a protein shake if either of you has to watch your food intake!

3) An offbeat cultural activity: If you live in a major city, oftentimes there will be Museum Night where you can look at the galleries after work. Sometimes they even offer free classes like how to sketch or an interesting workshop. Choose ones where you actually are doing or creating something instead of those where you are just sitting and listening. The opportunity to be playful and have fun conversation is much easier in these scenarios than when you are sitting and listening.

If none of these appeals to you, at least consider choosing activities which are fun, get you moving, and make the conversation easy. Beautiful muscular women are going to attract attention wherever they go simply due to their physiques, so choose an environment that is fun and where you are comfortable. Be sure to have fun, be cool, and be a gentleman. That rare blend is something most female bodybuilders complain doesn't exist very often, so be the rare guy who shows a cool confidence right off the bat on the first date!

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