Tuesday, January 3, 2023

New phase ! Since Oct 2021 I have lost 120 lbs

New phase ! Since Oct 2021 I have lost 120 lbs
I am entering into a new phase of my journey everyone! Since Oct 2021 I have lost 120 lbs. I have many fittness gains, dancing, weight lifting, running, yoga. I have strength, agility, flexability, and have been feeling good. Since July 2022 I have slowed down on my fitness goals and took a break from loosing weight and just maintaining for a while which was good, but I am ready to push forward now!
I have a fitness plan to build my legs and glutes, tone up the rest of my body, and try and bring myself to the most peak physical performance level that my body can manage. I have 35lbs to go from here.
I'll begin intermittent  fasting again, and transition into ketosis again and will be revisiting weighing and portioning my meals as a refresher for setting my deficit.
I am very excited to share this, when I am inspired, I want to inspire others as well.

I did many things in the past year to reach this place in my life. Mental health therapy with a phycotherapist that specializes in eating disorders and CBT, a digestive reset and Parasite cleanse  with black walnut tincture  for 3 weeks twice a day on  an empty stomach ( I passed actual parasites, they are way more common  than people realize). That helped my digestive system so much, no more gass bloating and inflammation in my body, and I can eat things again that use to upset my system.

I did a lot of mental preparation to create a healthy mind set that this is a life long journey. The easy part is loosing the weight, the hard thing is to maintain and not gain it back for the rest of my life. I tell myself often that I deserve a healthy body. I deserve to feel good. I deserve to be able to move the way I want to without pain.
I tell myself these things, and I think everyone else should too. Because you do.

Ask for help. Don't do this alone. We are stronger when we surround ourselves with people who can support us in our jouneys. Find your tribe.

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