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Pregnancy Exercise, Can You Really Exercise When You Are Pregnant?

Pregnancy Exercise, Can You Really Exercise When You Are Pregnant?
Have you heard that a pregnant lady should not exercise? That may not be so true. If you want a healthy pregnancy, you will need suitable exercise. The truth is that women can exercise during the whole period of pregnancy. If you have the right knowledge, you will be able to safely exercise.

You can do a soft one when you are pregnant. One of the exercises that will benefit you during this period is to strengthen your pelvic muscles. It can reduce backaches and give you the flexibility in the joints. You will also keep your body firm. If you exercise properly, you can improve your sleep.

Exercise helps release endorphins. This hormone will help you control your moods and feel happier with less stress. This is essential for a pregnant woman. You can do both muscle training and cardiovascular training. There are three exercises that are recommended for pregnant woman. The exercises include spinning, pelvic strengthening and swimming.

Swimming is the best exercise for a pregnant lady. It helps you move the whole body without much strenuous. It will both help strengthen muscles and help improve your heart and blood vessels. The whole system will work better if you swim continuously. Just make sure that you gradually increase your swimming intensity if you did not swim much before. The burden on your knees will be reduced with swimming. If you are not really a swimmer, you can try aerobic in the water.

Spinning is also good for pregnancy. You can spin until you reach the last two months of your pregnancy. You should not spin on the real bicycles. Instead, you should do it on stationary bike in the gym or at home.

The last exercise to do is to pelvic strengthening. This exercise has another name called Kegels. Kegels is an exercise which is aimed to improve muscle tone. It will strengthen pubococcygeus muscle of the pelvic floor. It is mainly prescribed for pregnant women. It can also be suitable for the woman with vaginal prolapse and uterine prolapsed prevention. For male, the exercise is meant to help the man with beniqn prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis.

It helps develop all important muscles for giving birth. If you join a prenatal advising group, they will let you know how to do Kegels exercise. By the way, breathing is very important for giving birth. You will need to learn how to breathe during your pregnancy to prepare for your delivery. When you do all these, if you feel dizzy or there are signs of bleeding, intense pain or fluid loss you should stop at once and consult the doctor.

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