Saturday, January 7, 2023

How To Act When Out In Public With A Muscle Woman Or Female Bodybuilder :

How To Act When Out In Public With A Muscle Woman Or Female Bodybuilder
If you go out on a date with a muscle woman such as a female bodybuilder or figure competitor, remember that her physique is so unique compared to most women that she, in essence, "wears" her sport 24 hours a day. Even many male athletes cannot walk down the street and have people say something like, "Wow! Look at him. He must be a golfer!" So when out in public with a beautiful, muscular woman remember that she is going to attract attention simply due to being so rare.

Guys may come up and want to feel her biceps, and you may see some people snicker or make quite comments to themselves about her. It is your responsibility to always ensure her safety, and one of the best ways is to talk topics apart from her physique and aesthetics. Make her feel alive and special based on her character and traits, and show her unique things which she would not normally get from another guy. If she begins to show that negative comments from strangers are affecting her, simply remind her of what you like about her and chances are that the comments stem from jealousy; and that their comments are the best they can muster instead of either saying nothing or giving a compliment.

Also, since she is going to attract attention, you must always be cool yet learn how to interject when a stranger approaches and "crosses the line." If she is a competitor, chances are that she will have a fan base and she may be recognized by name when out with you. Professional athletes have learned to differentiate between a fan asking for an autograph or just a moment and when the stranger is bordering on rudeness. Be firm, yet polite, and excuse yourselves if a situation is starting to get out of hand. Again, always ensure her safety while being polite. This shows that you have safety as a priority yet you understand that her fans may judge her by the company she keeps.

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