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Achieving Your Perfect Body Fitness Level in Five Simple Steps :

Achieving Your Perfect Body Fitness Level in Five Simple Steps

Most people start an exercise program because they want to look and feel better and this is great motivation. Unfortunately, people usually want immediate results and that doesn't always happen, causing many to give up. This makes it important to ensure your workout program will help you reach your goals quickly so you'll stay motivated and on track. The following five steps for using elliptical machines and other equipment will help you reach your fitness goals.

Alternating Levels Of Intensity

Working out on treadmills, ellipticals, and other cardio equipment is an ideal way to burn fat. Many people wrongly believe they have to work out 24/7 to reach their fitness goals fast. By taking this approach, people usually end up with sore muscles and a loss of momentum.

To reach your goals fast, use elliptical machines, alternating between medium intensity and high intensity. For example, begin with a five to ten minute warm up. Then, alternate a routine of high intensity for five minutes with a one minute medium intensity break. Consider extending the period of high intensity until reaching a solid twenty minute period with a medium intensity break.

Stretch Several Times During Your Day

Most people stretch before and after their workout on elliptical machines, treadmills, and other cardio equipment. While this is a great practice, to increase your level of physical fitness, consider stretching several times during your day. Your flexibility will improve, you will enjoy better range of motion in your muscles and joints, and you will find it easier to stay balanced through the day. Stretching also works to keep you active through the day because your muscles will not stiffen up as they might if you only stretch before and after an ellipticals workout.

Increase The Level Of Resistance

Your body will usually reach a plateau at some point, regardless of what your routine includes. This simply means your body has become used to the movements you perform and the amount of resistance behind them. To make sure your body continues to improve in its fitness level, increase the level of resistance so you are constantly challenged. For ellipticals, this means increasing the level of intensity. For treadmills, it means you should add a steeper incline.

Make Sure You Have A Well Rounded Routine

Using a treadmill adds fun and variety to a routine, but to achieve optimum physical fitness, you should make sure you have a well rounded routine. Perform cardio training at least three times a week, but make sure you don't overlook endurance, flexibility, and strength training. The more muscle, the most calories you burn, even when you're not working out, so it's important to add muscle, especially when you want to improve your fitness and lose weight.

Mix Up Your Routine

Don't do cardio workouts five days per week all on elliptical machines - trade out a few days to play tennis, run on the treadmill, or go hiking in a wilderness area. By mixing up your routine, you will keep it interesting, thus making it easy to stay motivated. On a rainy day when you can't get out, use your ellipticals in reverse so you work different muscles.

To achieve your ideal fitness, make sure your routine provides you with many different ways to exercise. Even if you stick with elliptical machines and treadmills, you can still add a little variety to your routine. The most important thing is that you enjoy working out and accept the challenge of achieving your physical goals.

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