Sunday, June 4, 2023

The Women’s Bodybuilding Division is judged over three posing :

The Women’s Bodybuilding Division is judged over three posing
In the Women's Bodybuilding Division, competitors are judged based on three posing rounds: the Symmetry Round, the Mandatory Poses Round, and the Free Posing Round.

1 - Symmetry Round: In this round, competitors stand on stage and display their overall physique and balance. Judges assess the contestant's proportion, muscle symmetry, and overall aesthetics. Competitors must showcase a well-balanced physique with equal development between muscle groups, such as the upper and lower body, and left and right sides.

2 - Mandatory Poses Round: During this round, competitors perform a series of prescribed poses that highlight their muscularity and conditioning. These poses include the front double biceps, side chest, back double biceps, side triceps, abs and thigh, and the most muscular pose. Judges closely examine the competitors' muscle definition, separation, and overall stage presence in each pose.

3 - Free Posing Round: The free posing round allows competitors to showcase their individuality, creativity, and stage presence. They have the opportunity to perform a routine set to music, incorporating various poses, transitions, and movements that highlight their muscularity, flexibility, and overall presentation. This round allows competitors to express their personal style and charisma while demonstrating their hard work and dedication to their physique.

Throughout each posing round, judges evaluate the competitors based on criteria such as muscle size, shape, definition, conditioning, presentation, and overall stage presence. The goal is to find the competitor who displays the best combination of muscularity, aesthetics, and confidence. By excelling in these three posing rounds, competitors have the opportunity to showcase their physique and impress the judges in the Women's Bodybuilding Division.

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