Monday, November 20, 2017

Top Women Bodybuilders in the World (Part 2) :

Top Women Bodybuilders in the World (Part 2)
Another great name in these circles is Bonny Priest. This is one lady who can show what the love for something can do. She says her passion for this sport began when she was young. Luckily, her mother helped her nurture her dream by getting her specialized publications about this industry. With the information she got from these publications, she enrolled in a gym and went on with her training without a plan or idea where that would take her. Later on, she got married and it was this man who helped her start a career as one of the women bodybuilders.

In 1997, she competed in the Heart of Texas where she was the first heavy weight and overall winner. She continued with her winning streak until she got the pro card in 2003. She won the SW pro cup in 2004 and finished seventh in the Ms Olympia 2004.

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