Sunday, February 3, 2019

Video A Very Tall Woman Lifting and Carrying a guy :

Video A Very Tall Woman Lifting and Carrying a guy
Myth number 3) To tone up I need to do lots of reps with a light weight.
The lovely Jane Fonda did wonders by getting people exercising, but she also set us back years by promoting "the burn" and super-high reps for toning and inch loss. That burning you feel when you are exercising is not fat melting away, it is Lactic Acid being produced by your muscles as they run out of oxygen. Lactic acid does not cause spot reduction of body fat.

If super high reps caused spot reduction of body fat, people who eat lots and often would have thin faces from all that chewing! Spot reduction is a super-sized myth! Fat stores will disappear globally, not locally. It's cruel but it's the truth. Some one once asked me "what's the best exercise to make my stomach thinner?" I replied "Push your self away from the dining table sooner". Probably not the answer they were seeking, but it's a painful truth very few exercisers/dieters ever grasp...

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