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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Girl VS man Arm Wrestling :

Girl VS man Arm Wrestling
• Planting of both feet properly. By staggering your feet, plant that right foot firmly forward if you're using your right hand for the match. Do the same if you're a leftie.

• Always position your index finger above your thumbnail every time you make your grip.

• Gain advantage by placing your index finger high.

• Give emphasis on back pressure. You can do this by pulling your hand using your power towards yourself for more leverage. This technique is mastered by exercising with the hammer curl.

• When the "ready go" signal is given, act immediately on the letter "Y" and give it all you got. You are entitled up to three fast starts. Use this to your advantage as the fastest competitor wins through this percentage.

• Always keep your body close to your arm for mutual support. You will lose much of your strength if you distance yourself from your arms.

Keep these basics in mind. Together with determination, dedication and lots of practice, you will prevail decisively every time you held out your arm in the arm wrestling table.

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