Monday, March 5, 2018

Body Building Supplementation - How Does Creatine Affect Women Body Builders? (Part 1) :

Body Building Supplementation - How Does Creatine Affect Women Body Builders?
There is an increasing trend for female athletes, including body builders to use supplementation to enhance their workouts and their physiques. As more and more females are participating in the sport of body building and the competitive level grows body building supplementation is becoming more mainstream. But how does creatine affect women body builders? This article will focus on this topic.

The first question that most female bodybuilders will ask is will creatine have the same affects as anabolic steroids. The answer to this is no in that most are concerned that creatine will cause male like characteristics like steroids can produce. Creatine is not an anabolic steroid. It is a natural substance found in our bodies as well as other sources like red meats. Steroids are synthetically produced.

Different manufacturers may make claims that the side effects of creatine are small or nonexistent. You should be aware that women bodybuilders using creatine have reported common side effects such as stomach cramps, muscle cramps, nausea and diarrhea. This does not occur in all female bodybuilders but they are possible.

Research has shown that creatine levels are higher in women vs. men. If you have higher creatine levels then you may not see dramatic or immedicate effects of using the supplement like someone with low creatine levels would. Excessive supplementation could lead to gastrointestinal disorders like those listed above. It is best that women use the recommended dosage and a type of creatine that is manufactured specifically for women.

Other side effects reported by females using creatine is increased frequency of urination. This may be due to the body excreting more of the supplement from the body. There are no conclusive studies demonstrating the effects of creatine on pregnant women or the unborn child so it is best to avoid creatine supplementation when pregnant.

Research continues on the effects of creatine on women bodybuilders. There is evidence that the side effects are minor and can usually be controlled with modifying the dosage and with nutritional modifications.

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