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Friday, March 15, 2019

How can I learn how to eat healthy ? :

How can I learn how to eat healthy ?
Giving up junk food is hard because it is literally engineered to taste good for our tastebuds and your body is likely addicted to it, you will crave it for a while. My advice is don’t have it in the house, and always have healthy snacks that you like around. Also don’t let yourself get hungry, because when you are full, it’s easier to resist junk. Snack all the time on healthy stuff...fruit, veggies, nuts (in moderation)...whatever it is you like... 

after a while the bad stuff will cycle out of your system and you will not crave it takes some time and lots of self control. Also if u fall off the wagon, don’t beat yourself up. Just resume eating healthy the next day. Good luck! It’s not an easy journey, but eventually you start feeling (and looking) so much better, and it will be really worth it! 🥰 I also don’t eat out, so that gets rid of a lot of temptation. Instead I spend money on shoes and acroyoga 🙂

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