Saturday, April 20, 2019

I loved myself at 420lbs, Weight loss :

I loved myself at 420lbs, Weight loss
It breaks my heart 💔 every time I read about someone trying to lose weight because they hate themselves...

Weightloss is so much easier when your doing it because you love yourself. I've tried to lose weight in the past but was NEVER this successful because I wasn't doing it because I loved myself enough to want to change. I was focused on changing myself to so I'd accept myself more. It doesnt work. Those negative thoughts are going to continue to keep pushing you towards comfort foods. They're going to keep telling you that you cant do this! If you love yourself those positive thoughts are going to push you to do more. Motivate you to keep working for yourself. Those are the thoughts you NEED when working on a lifestyle change.

We've got to stop being our own worst critics. Am I perfect always positive and never critical of myself no. But I started this journey because i loved myself enough to want to change for a better lifestyle. A less painful life. A healthier and happier life. I loved myself at 420lbs the same way I'm loving myself at 195. ❤
It's not about forcing yourself to do things you dont want to do. It's about loving yourself enough to create the lifestyle you really want! You deserve it!

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