Friday, June 21, 2019

Bodybuilding Competition Posing (Part 11) :

Bodybuilding Competition Posing (Part 11)
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Bodybuilding Competition Posing (Part 11)
First impressions can make you break you - come on strong

If you feel awkward, you probably are, change the pose

Do only optional poses that compliment your physique

Be natural in your facial expressions, look like you are having fun and smile

Center yourself and clear your head before you go onstage

Select music that inspires you and will move the crowd

Try to choreograph your routine to tell a story

Remember to keep your physique hard and at least semi-flexed whenever you are onstage

Don't do anything that is unfavorable or disallowed in judging

Give other competitors space

Watch your time, a good short posing routine is appreciated more than a so-so long one

Put tanning products on evenly, don't look sloppy

Fresh haircut and clean shave, well groomed hairstyle

Posing suit and color that fits your bodylines

Nice dark tan highlights muscle, but don't overdo it

Watch for too much oil

Exude confidence and charisma

Posing routine

Free posing gives you the chance to pose and choose the poses that highlight your physique. Choose routine music that suits your personality, and have a professional record the music you choose. Flow between poses, make transitions smooth and logical. Choose dynamic popular music, get the audience involved!

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