Saturday, June 22, 2019

Great job! Incredibly motivational... Weight loss :

Great job! Incredibly motivational... Weight loss
Mama, I made it!
Sunday marks 9 months since I started, and today marks 80.POUNDS.DOWN!

I make sure I stay in a calorie deficit. I have one cheat meal a week. I eat healthier overall , but you better believe if I’m wanting hot wings, ice cream, etc.. I will just make sure I fit it into my daily allowance. I’m not perfect.

I’ve had a week with only 2 days at the gym, I’ve been sick, I’ve had a day where I’ve ate entirely too much, etc.... but I start over the next day. We’re human. Just keep going. I promise it’s worth it.

Yessss exactly! As long as you get right back on track you'll be fine. Everyone makes it seem like you gotta starve yourself or kill yourself at the gym to lose weight or be healthy.


Sara Emilia said...

You look amazing. I'm really struggling with motivation to start I'm the biggest I've ever been in my life I love junk food too much can I please ask how you curb impulses, cravings and what is a calorie deficit how do u do that and how do you calculate how much calories etc I'm really struggling I'm paying for a gym membership but only been a handful of times the entire year this year I feel so useless also battling severe anxiety and depression 😕 sorry for the novel on your post you really look amazing congratulations ❣

دعاء مستجاب said...

Great job ! I keep trying to get that number I just haven’t ugh I started the same