Thursday, July 4, 2019

Building Massive Muscles, The Three Golden Rules : Golden Rule 1 - Train Heavy

Golden Rule 1 - Train Heavy :
This is an absolute no-brainer. Anyone with any a basic understanding of muscle growth knows that in order for your muscles to grow bigger they must be forced to lift progressively heavier weights. This means a weight which you can not possibly lift for any more than 12 repetitions.

When training for size rep ranges anywhere between 6-12 are ideal but depending on what training you are doing as little as one rep can sometimes be used. The same goes for the number of sets, 3-4 is the standard but it can also go down to as little as one set, it all depends on your training.

There are also all the different training styles you can add in such as drop sets, negatives, ladders as well as many others which can be utilized in your training.

Training methods, numbers of reps and sets and exercises used are all yours to play with as long as you stick to the golden rule and Train Heavy.
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