Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Weight loss, This is my experience combined with exercise :

Weight loss, This is my experience combined with exercise
Transitioning from strict keto to low carb.
(This is my experience combined with exercise. I’m also not an expert.)

Here’s what I mean when I say transition to low carb. For me when I started keto I stayed very strict for the first 6 months. Eating high amounts of fat and almost no carbs atal. Keeping my sugar intake low and for awhile it was manageable. I stayed dedicated and I can honestly say it works. If weight loss is your ultimate goal following a keto specific diet will work. If you are otherwise healthy and can handle it.

There also comes a time when you finally loose all the weight you wanted to loose, but now you want to find your happy medium place. This is for y’all but also for people who need to see what’s possible.

My tips on how to do that.
Make the transition slowly, try with one meal a day.
Portion control DOES matter.
Carbs are good for you if you don’t over do it.
Drink so much water you can’t stand it.
You have to work on not just your physical health but your mental health!
Try to limit eating out and try cooking at home more.
Baking or grilling, stay away from fried foods of course.
Get creative with spices because they are your best friend!
You can do absolutely anything as long as you have patience.


This is over a year and a half time.
From 258lbs to 132lbs.
No surgeries, pills or supplements.
No magic fairy dust or short cuts.


Excuse the crazy facial expressions! 😂

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