Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Women Building Muscle (Part 1) :

This is dedicated to women that want to build muscle.

The fact that there are less women doing bodybuilding is because of some myths and lies rooted in them that make them think that if you train in bodybuilding you will gain muscles and you body will become bulky and manly.

This is quite far from reality since women don't have the hormonal configuration to become big and bulky just by training. They will need to train too hard and take hormones to become so.

Body building for women does not concern only in building muscle mass but mostly about getting you a proper shape and curves with toned muscles giving you not only strength but also a beautiful and glamorous body without taking anything away (well, certainly taking away that loose fat!)

Women that want to sculpt their bodies through weight training are quite welcome in the gyms. Just fitness and cardio exercises won't help women to get that desired sculpted body figure, they may succeed in losing fat and weight but that is about it.

All the dips and curves that make women look good come from muscle, the only exception to this may be your breasts, and even those benefit from the muscle tone beneath.

Women that train in body building will become more confident, the will also feel better and will look great in the process.

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