Friday, January 15, 2021

Weight Loss Stories Learn From, Keeping the goals small :

Weight Loss Stories Learn From, Keeping the goals small
Another step in successful weight loss is keeping the goals small like you have an overall goal of losing X number of pounds but take it like in increments of 5 lbs each two weeks. That way you can celebrate your small victories along the way and before you realize it you will have lost all your weight and be at the goal weight before you know it! It's amazing how wonderful and light you it feels to even lose just 10 lbs.

And the importance of celebrating this little milestones can be touted enough as you must pat yourself on the back and celebrate your victories! So important this celebration and recognition of each set of 5 lbs as they do add up and before you know it you have lost 30 pounds! That is so exciting and wonderful and you must mark those down in your online diary and hopefully your community has trophy recognitions or badges something that you are given for your fine efforts.

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