Tuesday, October 16, 2018

3 Exercises for Building Chest Muscle : 3 - Dips

3 Exercises for Building Chest Muscle : 3 - Dips
3 - Dips :

Dips are highly complex, compound exercises that work your chest and triceps extensively. Dips will extensively work your lower chest, adding a full, thick look to your chest muscles.

Dips can be performed on a number of different machines or racks. Some gyms have specific dip racks, and others have multi-function racks that can be used for pull-ups, dips, leg raises, and other exercises. Find out what is available in your gym before trying dips as you may not be using the most ideal apparatus.

To perform dips, you grasp the handles or rails on the rack of your choice with each hand. Keeping your arms tense, bend your legs at the knee, holding your feet up behind you. Your body weight will now be supported entirely by your arms.

Slowly lower yourself down by bending at your shoulders and elbows. Do not lower your shoulders below the level of your elbows or you risk rotator cuff injury. Once you have lowered your shoulders to be parallel with your elbows, push away using your chest and triceps with as much explosive force as you can muster.

Dips are very effective even when using only your body weight. However, if you feel that you need more resistance, you can use a weight belt to make yourself heavier.

Try incorporating these exercises into your workouts to broaden your chest and improve your strength.

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