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Dealing With Arm Wrestling Injuries :

Dealing With Arm Wrestling Injuries
The popular Arm wrestling sport is exceptionally competitive. It calls for a massive display of biceps, pectoral and deltoid power. In reality, arm wrestling is a very formidable sport that can inflict real damage to a person's arm and elbow. The fractures and muscle tears are critical enough to put an arm wrestler out of business anytime upon encountering such dangerous injuries. To prevent these from occurring to yourself, you have to learn effective ways to condition and strengthen your arm. And in the event that you accidentally injure your arm and elbow while conditioning for this sport, you need to stop first, take necessary precautions to facilitate proper healing.

The nature of the sport places immense pressure to your body parts primarily involved; the biceps, triceps and the elbow. One of the common injuries imposed by the sport is tendonitis. It is popularly known as "golfer's elbow." Tendonitis is simply an inflammation of the tendon. Another known arm wrestling injury is the lateral epicondylitis. It stems from the overuse of the extensor muscles in the lateral epicondylar regions. By stretching and strengthening all those muscles as part of your pre-game rituals, you stand a very good chance of preventing such injuries.

When you injure your elbow during arm wrestling, the first, and probably the best thing you can do at the moment to heal it is to relax and rest. Placing an ice pack on the injured elbow is also a must. Try to keep your elbow elevated to reduce the pain and swelling. When turning to medications, elbow injuries during arm wrestling matches will be effectively treated by using Ibuprofen. It gently reduces the pain and allows you move your elbows again. It's a whole different story if your tendonitis progresses severely which puts your elbow in jeopardy. In this case you're going to need surgery. This will be your last resort if your elbow injuries cannot be remedied by medications and therapy.

The physical and imposing sport of Arm wrestling presents an incredible strain on your wrestling arm. Playing this sport will always invite injury as long as you will not take measures to condition your muscles before any arm wrestling match.

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