Sunday, April 22, 2018

Female bodybuilders Less feminine, really ?

Female bodybuilders Less feminine, really ?
Women are afraid to build muscle because they fear losing their femininity. What you need to know is that models, actresses or music stars who show a perfect body - which makes many envious - all do muscle strengthening. Clearly, they do weight training, "fitness" or its derivatives.
These celebrities have voluntarily improved physically, often with the help of a coach, by becoming stronger or more athletic and slender.
Remember Madonna, the "queen of pop", with her drawn thighs, her curved body and her muscular arms! This mother of two spends 2 hours a day sculpting her body with fitness, pilates and jogging. Another example, the actress Jessica Biel who also started working out for the third opus of the Blade trilogy.

Cameron Diaz, also one of the sexiest women in American cinema and a great sportswoman; she made the buzz by displaying a very athletic physique. Finally, Demi Moore! She has done a lot of weight training and endurance to display a sublime body in her films. Today, her training is certainly less intensive, but she still keeps fit by practicing yoga and Pilates.

In short, times are changing, and so are the canons of beauty. Today, the physics that prevail are those of women who display a slim, firm and toned figure, with a little muscle but not too much.

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