Wednesday, February 6, 2019

11 things to know about bodybuilding : 4 - Strict bodybuilder training :

4 - Strict bodybuilder training :
Bodybuilding requires great self-discipline and a quasi-military organization throughout the preparation of a contest. Five to six workouts a week, two daily sessions at specific times and for a given time, punctuate the days of a bodybuilder.

To develop muscle mass, it must work with heavy loads and have significant caloric intake: this is called the mass-gain phase. He must also incorporate cardio and stretching sessions into his workouts as they are very useful for improving the cardiovascular system and flexibility as the body changes.
A few months before the competition, he begins a phase of dry, that is to say it eliminates the maximum fat mass. The goal is to have the most harmonious silhouette possible and the skin completely bonded to the muscles.
👉 5 - An optimal lifestyle

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