Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Diet advice... through diet and exercise. Weight loss :

Diet advice...  through diet and exercise. Weight loss
I need carbs before exercise to avoid losing too much weight. My body then has some glycogen fuel to burn up before going for my fat storage. Working out “fasted” is not best for my body. For others, fasted workouts are best. All depends on your personal goals. 🤷‍♀️ For my oatmeal, I do oats, almond milk, a little honey and some unrefined coconut oil. It’s totally worked for me!

Carbs = fuel for working out, don't be afraid of carbs. Be afraid of eating more than you burn aka eating in a surplus. If you want to lose weight, eat in a caloric deficit. For those of us who carb cycle, we take it very easy when eating low carb since your energy stores will be depleted.

Oatmeal is fine if it fit into your daily needs, but generally you want each meal to be around 30 grams of protein each. So while oatmeal in any of its forms are going to be great for energy, it may be worth throwing a scoop of protein powder in there to make sure you’re meeting your protein needs as well.

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