Thursday, March 14, 2019

Female muscle, my fitness progress :

Female muscle, my fitness progress
Hey All, Been too embarrassed to share my progress but I have picked up a few tips and tricks from people here and many pictures and videos have helped motivate and inspire me 😊 so I thought I’d share! my fitness journey started 9 weeks ago with an amazing personal trainer. it was my New Years resolution to be the fittest and best version of myself. I had a bone tumor in my right femur and then had a hip replacement in 2004. 

I battled with my health for a long time and never really put myself first with having kids etc. Today Strength training with weights has definitely been a winner for me as I don’t suffer as much pain and I feel like I’m tackling obesity and disease one step at a time! In the beginning I couldn’t even do a push up or plank 😂 now I can do 10 pushups and plank for 30 seconds! My goal is to deadlift 100kg one day. I have since thrown the scales away and just go by picture progress. Thanks for reading! 💪🏽

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