Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Natural ways to loose weight quickly :

Natural ways to loose weight quickly
Light exercises for 10 minutes everyday check them online. Have eggs in the morning they help you stay full all day. Eat fruits for snacks and drink 2 litres of water. I do that by filling a bottle of 2 litre water in the morning and take small sips all day i keep the bottle next to me all day and whenever i feel thirst i drink it. And try eating half of what you eat everyday. A mainly plant- based diet, intermittent fasting, 30 minutes of exercise daily,

what should be eaten at lunch and dinner pls.
Anything simple you can have anything. Bread with low fat cheese and lettuce with tomato. Avoid too much sugar and salt you can have a slice of cake once or twice a week. The water will make you full. Dinner you can try anything with soup try to avoid fried food

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