Friday, April 12, 2019

Preparation for the bodybuilding competition : food

Preparation for the bodybuilding competition : food
There is no standard regime. Certainly there are basic rules to respect but each person and each metabolism are different, from one person to another, the metabolic reactions will be different.
The diet during the preparation requires organization for the different meals of the day.
An athlete will eat between 6 and 8 meals a day. The necessary amounts of protein, carbohydrates and lipids must be brought to the body to ensure good muscle quality.
The main foods of a diet are:

Oatmeal, oilseeds (nuts, almonds), citrus fruits and fruits (grapefruit, kiwi, strawberry, apple ...), egg whites, fish, white meats (chicken, turkey), lean red meats ..., starchy foods such as (whole rice, sweet potato, whole paste, lentil, semolina, rice cake ...) green vegetables (beans, broccoli, spinach ...) crudités (tomato, cucumber, salad ....) But also olive oil or nuts. Salt can be consumed except in the last week of a diet where sodium should be removed.
Some strictly forbidden foods are:

Soft drinks, sweets, pastries, saturated fats, dairy products etc ... Pizzas, sauces, chocolate, sweets, sausages, cheese ...
To know that all the foods of the diet are weighed and reduced as the progress of the athlete.

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