Tuesday, July 30, 2019

How to lose weight fast, 10 scientific ways to drop fat :

10 Amazing Tips for Guaranteed Weight Loss
1. When you plan to go out. When planning an outing, try to program activities that include exercise rather than a simple eating of popcorn. Anything that includes at least a bit of walking would do.

2. Keep fruits and vegetable handy. You can't keep a diet if you don't have a stocked fridge. Because if you keep going to the grocery store every time, then you risk losing the urge to keep at the fruit snack and you might indulge in something less amusing on the way. With a stocked fridge, whenever the urge to eat strikes, you can simply go pick up the fruits or vegetables and start filling yourself.

3. Do not listen to fashion models. Magazines sell not only stories, but also the models and it is their business to make it seem like everyone out there should look like this. But be intelligent and know that it is not true! No one you know is a runway model and neither are you. So be realistic and love yourself the way you are because that is what you are good at.

4. Appreciate yourself all the way. It is a simple enough thing to do, and yet we don't see many people trying this.

5. Tip on appreciation. Whether you stopped yourself from having a pizza today, or talked on the phone standing up, regard yourself for making the right choice.

6. Enjoy your food. Don't go about chomping away without even really tasting the food. When you fork something into your mouth, let your taste buds appreciate the meal and enjoy it. Think of how elegant that makes you look too. And slowly you will find yourself eating slower and lesser. Remember that food is not about filling, but about enjoying.

7. Learn to eat with chopsticks. Indulge in some classy food etiquette. Be a connoisseur and use chopsticks wherever applicable. It will not only fill you up quicker, but you will find yourself enjoying the experience.

8. Add green tea and lemon to your food routine. There are enough people out there asking you to try green tea and lemon and telling you they assist in fat burn. There is evidence to the contrary as well, so you can't decide whether that is true. But one thing is true - green tea is a great way to give your body some healing potion. If nothing else, it will keep you off sugary drinks because it has a low amount of caffeine which can help you cope. In any case it is much healthier than a colored cancerous soda right?! Lemon may not actually burn fat, but it does help metabolism and gives you great skin.

9. Use honey instead of sugar wherever applicable. The feasibility of non-sugar sweeteners is still under consideration, so when staying off sugar may look a little daunting, you can try to replace honey. Honey is an organic and safe product and some civilizations use it religiously for its enormous health benefits.

10. Think clothes, not calories. There is no harm in checking your weighing scale at times, but when you think about weight loss, don't obsess about counting calories and watching your weighing machine everyday. Sometimes you will lose more and sometimes less. Sometimes your weighing machine won't show you anything but your body will look all toned and great because of exercise. So gauge results by clothes and how they fit, rather than weighing scales and calories.

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