Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Acupuncture and Weight Loss :

Acupuncture and Weight Loss
Many of us have tried to trim off the extra pounds, often with little or no success. When many of us see the wrinkles and dark circles already mentioned, any visit to a gym produces very little noticeable difference.

Any successful long term weight loss is often extremely difficult so that many of us do not achieve any worthwhile results. Many people have tried all sorts of diets, which just turned into a 'lose some and gain some' weight cycle. The achievement of permanent weight loss and maintaining a healthy and attractive appearance does not seem possible. Acupuncture holds out some promise for people with weight problems.

Yes, acupuncture weight loss treatment is also done by the use of needles but they are not inserted into the face. This time hair-thin needles are inserted into certain spots on the body which causes vital energy to be redirected to help the proper body function. Sometimes the acupuncturist may also suggest some herbs or even herbal tea. When each treatment session is over, most patients feel very good. Scientists in the Western world have discovered that one reason this treatment is successful is that endorphins are released. These constitute one body chemical that induces weight loss. Patients continue with a series of treatments, after which a maintenance treatment plan is scheduled. Healthy people would also benefit from a periodic visit to an acupuncturist to restore their energy to optimal levels. Such visits would not only keep us beautiful, but certainly healthy as well!

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