Monday, August 19, 2019

If you’re trying to lose weight (NO B.S.) please read this ❤

If you’re trying to lose weight (NO B.S.) please read this ❤
I know there is a lot of different opinions out there when it comes to weight loss, but I want to show you that THIS IS POSSIBLE WITHOUT RESTRICTION OF FOOD GROUPS, NOT EATING < 1200 CALORIES, NOR WEIGHT LOSS PILLS / GIMMICKS!


✔️Being in a calorie deficit (this is mandatory for weight loss to even happen)

✔️Tracking my intake (to make sure I am being consistent with my calories every day)

✔️Making meals that I actually wanted to eat for myself so I wouldn’t dread my diet and fall off (including: tacos, protein pancakes, yogurt parfait, ice cream, chipotle…..yes you can do this with flexible dieting)

✔️Lift HEAVY weights and push myself (you will NOT look manly, as you can see lol)

✔️Do cardio as an ADDITION to my routine (this was not my MAIN focus, but I did add it in to further the calorie deficit)


✖️Cut out bread / carbs / sugar / sodium / chocolate etc

✖️Start eating differently than I was before dieting (my food choices stay the SAME if I am dieting or not)

✖️Only eat at certain times

✖️Do keto / paleo / south beach / whole30 / any other diet that tells you to restrict certain foods because those are extremely unsustainable for the long term (my personal opinion of course)

✖️Detox / take any fat burners / any “extreme” supps

✖️Isolate myself from my friends / family

✖️Be miserable / have intense cravings from restriction

PLEASE do not restrict yourself of your favorite foods, it is not necessary in order for you to get results - it will actually PREVENT you from getting results and keeping the weight off long term.

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