Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Popular Myths Unveiled For the Female Bodybuilder :

Popular Myths Unveiled For the Female Bodybuilder
If it wasn't enough that the tyro woman bodybuilder has to contend with an industry that often sees woman athletes as inferior, there are also a large number of locker room fairytales that circulate to further discourage and confound the issue.

The simple truth is women athletes are every bit as good as their male counterparts, done and dusted. What of the popular myths though, those discouraging stories that probably put many women off bodybuilding before they have the chance to disprove them firsthand. Let's take a quick look at some popular gym lore.

↪ Bodybuilding will turn you into the She Hulk

Bodybuilding transforms fat into muscle
Bodybuilding allows you to eat as much as you like
A woman bodybuilder only needs cardio and light weight training
Weight training increases your chest size
Bodybuilding will make you muscle-bound and loose mobility 

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