Saturday, September 14, 2019

Weight loss, There is no magic pill, changed my lifestyle :

Weight loss, There is no magic pill,  changed my lifestyle
1 lb away from being 145! 🙌🏻

September 22nd makes a year since I’ve changed my lifestyle. I’m hoping to be at 145 before then! This has been a hard year! I’ve slipped up more times then I can count, but I never quit. I’m semi maintaining now! I really want to be 145 but maintaining is probably harder then just continuing on losing the pounds so it’s almost hard to stop! I don’t think I can ever pick up something in the store again and NOT look at calories.

I count my calories, I do cardio. No I don’t lift weights, no I didn’t do Keto, (nothings wrong with that, I’m just saying ) and no I didn’t focus on any particular food group. No I didn’t stop eating pizza, brownies, hot wings, etc. I just “allowed them” in my calorie “allowance”. I definitely eat grilled over fried, I don’t eat fast food hardly anymore, I drink diet soda and more water, but I didn’t eliminate anything from my diet. I just burned more energy then I consumed in food. That’s it. Find a TDEE calculator on google, type in your height, weight, age, gender, activity level, and it will give you the calorie information you need.

It all comes down to how bad you want it. There is no magic pill. I freaking wish!

SW: 235 ( September 22, 2018 )
CW: 146
GW- 145-140

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