Saturday, November 9, 2019

Next 8 : Truth of Fiction? A Look at Bodybuilding Maxims

Next 8 : Truth of Fiction? A Look at Bodybuilding Maxims :
"Bodybuilders... Big for Nothin!'"

Few bodybuilders have so much mass that it impairs their everyday functioning, so this statement has no relevance in my mind. The vast majority of people would do well with more muscle, not less.

"7 days without a workout makes one weak."

Convenient play on words, but it only applies to beginners. Otherwise, an occasional week off helps more than it hurts. For example, my Olympic weightlifters normally train between 46 and 48 weeks a year.

"The difficulty of an exercise is proportional to its value" (Eric Burkhardt)

There is enormous truth in this. How rarely I see people squatting, or chinning, or performing step-ups. How common it is to see people making a career out of what they already do best- limber women who concentrate on stretching, thick-chested men who do nothing but bench press.

"If you're in the gym more than an hour, you're not training, you're making friends" (Charles Poliquin).

Charles is dead-on with this statement. If you are genuinely training, it's hard to spend much more than an hour at the gym. I find it remarkable that people who use the gym for serious training are considered "hard core," while people who use it for socializing and reading the morning paper are considered much more rational.

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