Thursday, December 5, 2019

7 Reasons to Use Bodybuilding to Get in Shape : 6/ Improvements in cardio fitness :

6/ Improvements in cardio fitness :

The old cliché is that the most important muscle in the body is your heart. Weight training will definitely increase your cardio fitness. It's advisable to try and fit a couple of cardio sessions in each week too. This only needs to be about thirty minutes or so.

If you're very unfit right now, start with just a couple of minutes, and add to that gradually as you build your fitness up, until you get to a half hour. This cardio training can be anything that doesn't hurt your joints, from brisk walking, to stationary bike, elliptical training or whatever you have available.

It also should be something that you can do on a consistent basis, or something that you can do while "switched off", for example stationary bike whilst playing your mp3.

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