Sunday, December 29, 2019

Weight loss : 70 lbs lost :

Weight loss : 70 lbs lost
First picture was February of ‘19. I was tired and sore all the time and looking at gallbladder removal which would have put me out of work for 2-6 weeks. I’m an independent contractor so that was the last thing I wanted. 2nd picture was taken summer ‘19 and I thought I was looking the best I ever had there. Last pic was taken this morning when I got to Florida for our Christmas vacation.

I feel amazing, I look forward to all the walking we’re gonna do with my son at Disney (where before we I dreaded the chafing and exhaustion and pain that would come with it)
I finally get the “live your best life” feeling. I don’t dread shopping for clothes or family holiday snapshots. And I’m not done yet. Ww really is an earth shattering,love your real self, and own that shit type of lifestyle.

70 lbs lost
On the blue plan
And happy holidays to you all!

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