Saturday, December 28, 2019

Women Bodybuilding, stood on stage at 51 year next to an 18 year old !! :

Women Bodybuilding, stood on stage at 51 year next to an 18 year old !!
I’m damn proud of the work I have and continue to put in to transform myself
the last decade and achieved my wildest dream to
compete (first show was a year ago 9 months after turning 50!) I usually compete only in masters bikini categories but my 2nd show I jumped into the novice and open categories as well (all ages) and stood on stage at 51 next to an 18 year old!! 😳😁

I’m proud of the total dedication year round &
the commitment not just in the gym but also in my nutrition. My commitment to sticking to my dialed in prepped clean meals (with a full cheat meal weekly during my building season), my daily gallon of water intake and the choice to rarely drink alcohol anymore because of how it affects
my body & the way I feel.

Left pic was at 42 and
right pic is today two weeks from 52 👊🏼
I FEEL better & younger than I did on the left. Better than I did even in my twenties and thirties

I post on here as well as my IG page @lblizz_fitover50 to hopefully inspire others my age to STOP saying they’re EVER too old (like I used to do) to go for goals and dreams!!
I was afraid to go public at first 2 years ago at 50 when I decided to prep to compete because I was afraid how people would react to a 50 year old on stage in a tiny bikini. The response I have gotten has been so amazing with women (and men) telling me that because of me they have been inspired to go after big goals & dreams! I love that so much!

If I can do it, you CAN DO IT!!

Rock on all of you Fabulous Fifties!! 😊👊🏼💪🏼

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