Sunday, January 12, 2020

Female Bodybuilding, Important message below πŸ‘‡

Female Bodybuilding, Important message below
For us, gym regulars, the first few months of the year are rough. The resolutioners show up at the gym in a bid to improve their health or fitness. And every year, I hear so many regulars complain how the “newbies” are just taking up space.

But why be mean to those people? Weren’t we all once a newbie at the gym?

Yes, I know, it freaking sucks – the gym is crowded with a bunch of new people, and you’re trying to do your routine.

However, those people are at the gym because they made a decision to become a healthier version of themselves — and that is something to be proud of. Some of these just want to look and feel better. Some of these people have a complicated relationship with food. Some of these people have low self- esteem and low confidence. (I, too, was one of those people).

So mentally, the gym can be an intimidating place. And for them to walk in there and have regulars be rude to them can make their quest for self-betterment feel even more discouraging, if not outright impossible.

The thing is, those new people are there for the same reasons that we go — for fitness and health.

So, instead of being rude to them, please be nice and helpful.

You don’t have to be outwardly nice to everyone; but you also don’t need to be an asshole and wish that the newbies were gone just so you no longer have to share oxygen with them at the at gym.

And if it bothers you so much that the gym is packed, then try going at a different time so you can avoid the crowd.

Be a decent person; it costs nothing to be nice to new people at your gym.

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