Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Weight loss, in reality it takes hard work :

Weight loss, in reality it takes hard work
Many people they want the easiest, quickest way to lose weight but in reality it takes hard work, determination and so much patience. I used to be the same, go to the gym once and eat well for the day but be so angry and upset when I didnt see results. It will not happen over night.
Eat less move more. Best and most effective way. Yes it sounds simple but i know more than anyone it's very very difficult but nothing worth doing is ever usually easy.

I dont believe in diets, no short term solutions, no excuses over the slightest inconvenience. just good old fashioned exercise and eating well 😊 dont wait for 6 months then be gutted that you didnt lose weight, summer will be here in no time so think where you could be in those 6 months if you put in the effort and change your life. Be in control. You only get one body, take care of it ❤

Is it easy: NO
is it worth it: ABSOLUTELY 💪

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