Monday, January 20, 2020

Weight loss, Stop saying it’s TOO hard...

Weight loss, Stop saying it’s TOO hard...
Stop saying it’s TOO hard
Stop saying you are TOO tired
Stop saying you are TOO busy
Stop saying you have TOO much to do
Stop saying “I wish I could”
Stop saying “If only”

Start saying I can do 20 mins
Start saying I’m ready for change
Start saying I’m worth it
Start saying I can
Start saying I deserve it
Start saying I will

It’s not all or nothing
Start small and grow from there

It doesn’t happen overnight, but each day, each meal, each decision is one step closer

If we fall back, keep pushing
If it feels too hard, adapt and readjust
If you feel you you failed with a meal or with a day, accept it and push forward

Visualize yourself where you want to be
Feel how you think it would feel accomplish those goals you set

We get one book in this life. Decide how the story will go. YOU Decide on the main characters. YOU Decide each chapter.

Today is the day to pick up that pen

Your life is TOO important NOT to!

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