Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Jay Fuchs biceps :

Jay Fuchs biceps
For Jaqueline Fuchs, 2020 is a year of change: in conversation with SI Online, the bodybuilder explains why she has a new apartment and a new job.

Anyone who is currently refueling their car on Seebahnstrasse in Zurich's Kreis 3 may be served by one of the strongest women in the world: Jaqueline “Jay” Fuchs has been at the counter there since mid-July. "I experience a lot of exciting moments and encounters at the petrol station," says the 48-year-old to SI Online.

But the fact that the bodybuilder works in the unfamiliar terrain was not entirely voluntary. Because while Fuchs successfully competed in the United States last year, she has to pause this year. An important source of money has dried up. "After my sponsor 'Wings of Strength' jumped off, I'm now using the time for a new orientation," she explains.

Sponsor engages other athletes

In the beginning it was difficult to be without a sponsor. Especially since Fuchs was ranked tenth in the Top 10 in the world at the 2018 World Bodybuilding Championships and had over 65,000 followers on Instagram. "But that's how it can go," she says.

“Wings of Strength” is a young organization that promotes women's bodybuilding. "Then you sponsored other and sometimes younger athletes." But Fuchs can't be beaten. "I spend around four hours a day in the gym and work hard to improve myself physically."

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