Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Weight loss, before after and during my pregnancies :

Weight loss, before after and during my pregnancies
3 months postpartum 2017 vs 3 months postpartum 2020. A lot of people wondered why I would get pregnant after losing weight. I would literally hear people say you lost all of the weight just to get pregnant? Pregnancy is not an indication that you will gain weight and keep it.And this picture is the reason why.

Before I got pregnant with the twins I was about 230 and gained 45 pounds. Pregnant with Karter I was 165 before she was born and gained 40 pounds but I’m currently 175 in the picture on the right. You see, there is about a 90 pound difference between both pictures even after deliveries. It’s not just about weight loss is about the mentality before after and during my pregnancies.

If you are on your fitness journey just to lose weight you’ll miss the big picture. Weight loss should help you become healthier overall so that when you do get pregnant, suffer an injury, deal with depression, have a mental setback and get off track you’ll know exactly what to do to get back!

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