Friday, February 28, 2020

Weight loss, My journey with my favorite, comfy jeans :

Weight loss, My journey with my favorite, comfy jeans
My journey with my favorite, comfy jeans. These jeans are the only piece of clothing I have kept since I began this amazing, life style changing, journey. I’ve always been the big boned girl. Even in elementary school, I was overweight. The moment I decided to make a change was when my daughter started Kindergarten! I did not want my weight to be a battle she had to fight. I feared my weight would embarrass her and I wanted to be able to keep up with her. I’m hoping she gets involved with some activities in Elementary school.

My son has also pushed me, being that he keeps me on my toes 24/7. The WW Blue plan has done wonders for me and changed my lifestyle. I started this program on September 18, 2018 at 295lbs. I am currently at 207.9 lbs. My heaviest weight was 313lbs. My goal is to get to Onederland. I don’t ever remember being in Onderland. I’m hoping to get there by March 29th. I believe everyone has that moment they are ready for the change. I would love to know your moment and reason for the life style change! I wish everyone success and happiness in whatever plan works for for you!

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