Monday, February 24, 2020

Weight loss, Still a work in progress but very proud :

Weight loss, Still a work in progress but very proud
I started my journey a year ago. I did it for me and no one else. I went into it saying I had to do something that I could truly make a lifestyle change and not just a diet. I’ve done so many comparisons with other posts and felt I’ve lost so much slower than others. I’ve looked in the mirror and said “ugh, still fat and so much more to go. Is this even worth it?” I’ve had highs and lows. I struggle daily. I allowed myself to enjoy the holidays with moderation. Then had a little setback at the end of January with a surgery that held up my workouts. 

I’ve struggled getting back on track and into my old workout routine. Again, discouragement & frustration- an overall lack of motivation. Then this weekend, I went to a pageant that my best friend’s twin daughters are in each year at school. I remembered taking the same picture last year just before starting WW.... it was an eye opener for me. I have accomplished something. I can see the difference. It is working. Motivation to keep going.

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