Friday, March 6, 2020

Janice Lorraine 74 year, bodybuilder :

Sport is health. And this 74 year old lady proves it to us today. Janice Lorraine trains daily to participate in her first international bodybuilding competition. His body is muscular, his bones have the density of those of a 35-year-old. But it is still a retiree.

Janice Lorraine has been in the bodybuilding world for 20 years already. Previously a psychological counselor in a school, she decided to pursue a slightly more sporty activity after having retired. Its main reason? Boredom. Lack of belonging to an institution. "I didn't belong to something important. I was desperate," she exclaims.

One day, on her way to the gym, she saw a group of elderly ladies practicing step during a lesson. When the instructor reassured one of the ladies about the difficulty of the exercise, Janice was intrigued. But it was after seeing a lady who couldn't walk without someone's help that she clicked, "I thought, I'll never be like that."

She then started weight resistance training after hearing that it was good for bone density. Janice now goes to the gym three times a week to train. "I don't stop. I know if I do that, I feel good [...] and it inspires people." His training? 60 push-ups per day, 32 kilometers of running per week and regular use of 13 machines in the gym.

However, his family is not really impressed with his work. Only her husband, whom she married 26 years ago, supports her in her business. He is always present in the public and applies his false tan to him before each competition.

This year, Janice is traveling to Thailand to compete for her first international title and hopes that her efforts will inspire many more.

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