Sunday, March 15, 2020

Weight loss and Your happiness :

Weight loss and Your happiness
Okay ladies, I’m going to tell you something that I wish I understood a long time ago. Your happiness is no one else’s responsibility other than your own❗️Read that again!! It is not your boyfriends responsibility to make you happy! It’s not your husbands responsibility to make sure you’re healthy.

No man is responsible for YOUR happiness, your health or your career.

That is all on you, girl. If you give that kind of power to someone other than yourself, what happens if they leave?

A man should add to your happiness. A man should encourage your health mentally and physically. A man should support your career. There is a difference between adding to something whole that’s already there and being the only source to why you feel value.

Don’t get them twisted. The right person will be so attracted to you BECAUSE you are in control of your own happiness.

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