Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Weight loss, It was a complete change :

Weight loss, It was a complete change
It was a complete change, it started from the inside, empty me of everything that mistreated me, of my judgment, of my harsh criticisms, of my lack of self-love.

And this change was very reflective of how I put myself on several occasions, I stopped being excluded, badly loved, badly cared for and started to have a voice, so I stopped listening to the offenses, the curses, the judgments, I started not to care if people were talking badly about me, my body and my weight!

When this whole change took place, I put on my best smile, and I went to fight, and what a fight my friends! It is a daily struggle, it is me against myself, against my sabotaging thoughts, my pessimisms and my desire to throw everything up!

I realized that every day the fight was getting a little easier, or me becoming stronger, I still don't know, but I feel so strong.

I never give up and today I am here, writing a new story, motivating so many women, and directly changing the lives of several girls!

Life is a surprise box and I can say one thing, every day it gets more amazing ♥ ️
YOU ARE STRONG, and if you don't think so, just keep going that on the way you will realize the strength you have 👊🏻

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