Friday, April 24, 2020

Top Ten Supplements for Fitness Females : Glutamine

Top Ten Supplements for Fitness Females : Glutamine
Glutamine :

Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid, found in abundance in the human body. Glutamine has been shown to aid in recovery, reduce protein catabolism and increase protein metabolism. Its presence is found in the blood, gut and the skeletal muscles and is used as a main source of fuel for the immune system. Glutamine is considered by some as being conditionally essential, particularly in states of injury or compromised immune function. After training, injury to the muscle cells occurs, causing our immune systems to induce the recovery process to help repair tissue damage to muscles.

Supplementing with glutamine essentially reduces the amount of glutamine that is robbed from the muscles cells to fuel immune function. As a result, supplementation may help to reduce the amount of muscle deterioration that occurs during training, because the glutamine available in the muscle cells will be utilized for protein metabolism and reduction of protein catabolism. Research has shown that after intense work outs, glutamine levels in the body are reduced. If that was not reason enough to take glutamine, recent studies have also shown that supplementation with 2 g of glutamine can stimulate increases in growth hormone levels.

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↪ Glutamine
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