Saturday, May 9, 2020

It’s not about a weight loss, it’s about a healthy lifestyle change :

It’s not about a weight loss, it’s about a healthy lifestyle change
Social distancing and Quarantine have rocked me real good. Can I just say it and admit it?

The picture on the right was taken the first of March, we had a cruise planned for the first of May, I was doing great with my New Years goals, staying on track, went on vacation a week before this picture and got off track (understandably) and I was ready to jump back into the gym which meant I was ready to ditch my scale (the gym and my scale don't do well together! I always gain before I lose) and I was feeling mentally strong and good.

2 days after this picture Travis lost his job and then 1 week after that we were advised to social distance and everything has come crashing down since.

I just want to come on here and admit that I've been shaken up real good!! If you are feeling scared, upset, depressed, stressed, unsure, unmotivated and just all around shaken, I want you to know I feel you.

I'm not going to jump on here and pretend it's all been pretty and easy and perfect. My soul needs real human interaction and connection. I need routine. I need to get up and dressed to make me feel good and productive. I need goals. I need stability and security and I'm here to admit that it's been really freakin hard not having all that!

How are you holding up? Tell me the good and the bad. What has helped you get through this time?

Trust the process queens 💕

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