Thursday, May 28, 2020

Weight loss, was actually kind of shocked when I compared mine my photo !

Weight loss, was actually kind of shocked when I compared mine my photo !
So here's some tips on what worked for me for anyone who is asking!

Counting calories on MyFitnessPal app, I stay around 1200 calories a day give or take depending on how much I burned through working out. Tons of water, I prefer lemon water­čśő­čśő eating healthier. I stick to mainly veggies (broccoli, mushrooms, carrots are my fav!) Chicken, tuna, fruit, one serving of nuts, healthier versions of my sweets (halotop instead of regular ice cream!) I started with elliptical and lots of walking. Now I jog about 6 days a week and lift weights/ do an workouts 3 days a week, I truly do not spend more then an hour working out a day.

10,000 steps a day at least! All that matters is CONSISTENCY! Do not beat yourself up, enjoy a few chips instead of five servings at once. Measure out your portions! I still drink light beer on the weekends and enjoy/ treat myself. No I DID NOT cut out carbs! I don't count them either I'm just more aware of what I'm putting in my body and eat less of them. I'll have one slice of bread with my tuna instead of two. You'll be amazed once your aware of what your eating and how much healthier you feel eating the good stuff that your body will no longer crave junk! I now have complete control over my cravings instead of my cravings having control of me❤️

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